Life in a new city

Moving to the other side of the world has been a wonderful adventure. Join me as I document my personal growth. Doing by day and dreaming by night.

First Designs

Recently I’ve discovered I really enjoy graphic design, and have been watching online tutorials and practicing as much as I can to improve my skills. Some of the work here is original, some is directly from watching tutorials (and will be similar to existing work) and some has been produced with real clients who I have been working for as practice.

I have to say, I love the ‘zone’ I can get into when I am in Illustrator. I use Photoshop where needed too, but I spend most of my designing time in Illustrator. I listen to music (which I can’t do during my other passions; writing & editing) and just get lost in the art of what ever I am designing. I’ve had no formal training in graphic design, but I have a personal interest and fascination in art and well, as a marketing/advertising student, being able to design will be a huge benefit. Plus being tech savvy means it has not been difficult for me to learn the Adobe Creative Suite pretty fast.

Fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside a very talented art director during my internship for the past four months. He’s incredible at what he does, and I pick his brain as often as possible. He’s kind enough to share tips and tricks with me, and he event lent me a huge textbook about the best advertising in the world!

For me, learning how to use the software is obviously important. But what I struggle with (funnily enough) is being brave enough to tap into my own creativity. This is where I personally need work. Following tutorials right now is important so that I can learn various techniques, and understand the breadth of functionality of the Creative Suite. Being able to develop truly original creative work is something I’ve only scratched the surface of, and I look forward to what I will achieve when my personal touch comes through.

I’ll update this portfolio of sorts as I develop more work.

MademoiselleMTL xoxo


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