Life in a new city

Moving to the other side of the world has been a wonderful adventure. Join me as I document my personal growth. Doing by day and dreaming by night.

The Salon Rose, Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City

Our Fairytale Winter Wedding

I never imaged I would have a winter wedding, on New Year’s eve. Actually, I hadn’t imagined too much about my wedding at all! Having been only engaged for a few weeks when we made the big decision to tie the knot, I only had a couple of weeks to indulge in an engaged woman’s delightful daydreams of the big… Read more →


The Anti-Mainstream Generation: Vloggers vs Scholars

  In August last year the Guardian published a piece called Six Lessons Youth Media Can Teach the Mainstream. With the rise of bloggers, YouTube celebrities/vloggers and entrepreneurs, there is a new generation among our youth. They are seeing newfound success – without certain education. They are launching their own business without degrees, because it’s too expensive and because they can.… Read more →

Obliteration room

The Democratization of Art

Art is one thing to me if anything; possibility. It’s so many things. It’s possible to see art every day of our lives, everywhere we go. I think it teaches an important lesson of perspective in that sense. Perspective, and also the choice we have to either see life one way or another. I love that in every moment of… Read more →


Antigua Vacation

We booked Antigua about 6 months in advance and as always, I have to admit, Joel took care of all the research and booking of the flights and accommodation. He did a lot of research, and having travelled a lot more than me, is amazing at finding good accommodation. We’ve never stayed somewhere I didn’t absolutely love! And Antigua was… Read more →